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About EZTrades

General Help

EZTrades is a website to allow people to book domestic and business handy man jobs. You enter some basic details about the job and select a trades person ( if one is available ) - if the trades person accepts you will receive a email with the details.

A Customer refers to someone who needs a Job done, for example my toilet is blocked or light is broken, and a trades person refers to a professional who can do a particular job or jobs, such as fix a light.
Basically no, we carry out vetting on trades people, but the work carried out is not the websites responsibility, we just allow customers and trades people to meet.
No, we do not accept any kind of payment for jobs ( work carred out ) by a trades person. we accept donations from Customers and Trades People, we are not geared up to take payments and any trades person asking for bank / details should be reported.

Jobs Help

You can click this link : Add Job Only people registered AND logged in can add a Job. You will be asked to enter a Job title, e.g. my pipe is leaking, then enter a more detailed description of the job, maybe going into where it is, e.g. house , bathroom and what the problem is and also a phone number and postcode, the phone number and postcode are only shown to a trades person AFTER they accept a Job
Once you enter the basic details - job title, description, phone number, postcode you will be taken to the next screen to pick a trades person - this is based on the postcode you entered so if you enter a postcode beginning E1 you will be shown trades people in the london E1 area.
It will be viewed and Accepted or Rejected. If accepted a email will be sent to the trades person selected. They will receive a email asking them to accept the job - if they click the Accept button they will be assigned to the job and will be able to view the job details - and also send messages to you and vice versa, and also add notes, and other options.
The trades person can remove - or cancel themselves off of a Job after they have accepted the Job, they will then no longer appear as the trades person for that job.
If you receive a message saying the trades person completed the Job - they can mark the Job as being completed.
You can still message the customer - and they can message you and also add notes to the job.
If you see a message saying 'cannot find job' - this may be because the job is not there, or it has been blocked or removed if it contains spam or illegal content. Also if you do not have rights to view a job if you did not create it you will see this.

Trades Person Help

To sign up as a trades person you can click this link : Sign Up
No...the site currently relies on donations to continue, the donations also count towards a trades persons reputation.
It is basically a score. It is made up of a combination of votes, which can be plus or minus and any donations made. For example if a customer gives you a vote of +2 and you make a donation of £1.50 your reputation score would be +3.5 if a customer votes you as -3 and you make a donation of £1 your reputation would be -2 The reputation also includes points for a business description, qualifications, a verifiable email address and website.
Only people who currently have a active Job with a trades person can vote for or against them.


Help use to continue as a FREE Service by making a donation - the donation is made to Itech the website creators. Also making a donation while you are logged in boosts your reputation score.